This site was launched in September 2002. It is now entering a phase of vast development, bringing it into the third phase of the envisioned goal of becoming the web’s greatest resource on constitutional types and the management of the idiosyncrasies of the types: fire, earth, air, and water.

The goal is balance. There are ways to improve balance temporarily through diet, herbs, and simple life style changes; and there are profound ways to create long-term inner harmony through psychological and spiritual practices that address the underlying causes of imbalance.

The site will eventually become a membership site for people avidly interested in astrology and its applications to healing. It will contain information that is useful to those who wish to take more responsibility for managing their own health as well as those who are committed to deepening their insights into themselves and their relationships with others.

The site will have downloadable files devoted to the four elements and the strategies for stimulating weakness, augmenting deficiencies, and pacifying excesses of fire, earth, air, and water.

Visitors are welcome to take the free test to determine the balance of the elements. Interpretations of the percentages and composite types are not available with the free version, but you will be able to determine your type and follow some links to pages with additional material of possible interest to you. 

The membership part of the site should become operational in 2011. If you wish to be notified when there are changes to the site, you can subscribe to astroheal. You might also like to visit one of Ingrid’s other sites, such as the sister site to this one,, or the highly informational and popular site,